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Wondercap Total Solution Kits

Jun 2, 2022

Civil and General Distributors supply to the Western Australian market the Wondercap product range. These kits provide total protection of the waste pipe from the initial stages of construction to completion. They prevent concrete and other waste materials from going down the waste pipe causing blockages.

These puddle flanges are:

• Easy to install.
• Easy to waterproof.
• Easy to bed.
• Easy to tile.


The Wondercap Kits feature a foam ring that also prevents concrete from settling in between the base and puddle flange during the concrete pour and is then removed once the concrete is set.


wondercap kit


The Retro Kits are optimally used for post-concrete poured constructions or timber floors. They are ideal for renovations and repairs.


wondercap retro kit


The Balcony Outlet Kit is specially designed for covered balcony drainage systems and helps relieve balconies and subfloors of any water retention that may occur.


wondercap balcony kit


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