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The Buzon U Wall

Aug 4, 2022

The Buzon U-Wall is an accessory that is attached to all ranges of Buzon® Pedestals. It creates a uniform 5 mm (or greater) gap between the paver and the wall. As a result enabling water flow protects the terrace or balcony in the case of heavy rainfall.

With its flexible tile retainers, the U-WALL is installed on terraces of any shape. This includes angular and curved terraces and balconies which makes installation easier and more efficient.

The U-WALL is fixed to the pedestal with screws to keep the paving in position. It is also adjustable on top of the pedestal, which allows for an optimal gap depending on the configuration of the terrace or balcony.

Civil and General Distributors provided the Buzon U Wall to a customer who, as a result of these U Wall accessories, was able to successfully install tiles onto Buzon pedestals in raised areas on several curved balconies and around a pool at a residential property in Mosman Park resulting in a beautiful finish.

buzon u wall installation mosman park
Buzon U wall
Buzon accessory u wall
buzon u wall installation drawing


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