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Swivel Joints

Jun 23, 2022

Civil and General Distributors supply the Storm Plastics Swivel Joints to the WA market. Storm Plastics introduced the 100mm and 150mm Swivel Joints in 1993.

The Swivel Joints provide the additional flexibility necessary for underground drainage systems to work more closely with the forces of Nature. It has a rotational capability of up to 360° and an angular deflection to 15° from its axis. When combined with the longitudinal expansion and contraction component it is a much sought after compact combination unit.

The movement associated with reactive soils varies considerably depending on the conditions prevailing. When soil moves it does so simultaneously in a horizontal and vertical plane, not unlike a wave action in slow motion. As it expands and contracts it will inflict extreme forces upon anything before it. It is a natural force which is almost impossible to counteract without incurring considerable expense. Such force frequently causes damage to drainage systems and building structures. Broken pipework, cracked walls and concrete floors are a typical outcome. The effects are well recorded by insurance companies, engineers and builders.

swivel and expansion joints for reactive soils

The Storm Plastics range of swivel joints, when installed correctly, provide flexibility to pipework systems and prevent breakages. We recommend they be installed as instructed by a competent Soils Engineer conversant with the type of soil likely to be encountered at the work site.


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