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Stormwater Solutions

Jun 17, 2021

Storm water runoff is rainfall that flows over the ground surface of an open area such as car parks, roads, driveways, rooftops and other paved areas that won’t allow water to be absorbed by the ground, taking with it all sorts of pollutants, litter and debris present in the surface.

Gross Pollutant Traps (GPTs) are designed as the first line of defence against pollutants washed down by storm water runoff in order to capture them before they enter the storm water system or waterways. GPTs target litter in general, leaves, branches, bark, clippings, debris, pollutants, surface oils, hydrocarbons, suspended sediment and other pollutants.

Halgan GPTs offer maximum treatable flow of 75 litres per second that captures up to 99% of standard gross pollutants under normal conditions. They feature a high flow bypass system allowing flows above treatable to bypass the unit, which would be clean storm water, after the first rush has delivered the litter and sediment to the GPT continuous separation screen.   In addition to this they are easy to transport and install as the tanks are made from lightweight high density polyethylene, allowing easy manoeuvring.

We can offer design assistance in order to specify the correct model and size required given site conditions and the expected amount of rainfall based on the site’s geographical location.

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