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We can provide stainless steel wedgewire or laser cut grates to suit your bathroom application. There are also a variety of options such as tile upstands, flanges or safe edges to suit your individual needs.

Current design concepts for bathrooms now incorporate large tile formats. With these large tile formats comes the need for simple, one-way falls to the edge of shower or bathroom areas. There is nothing worse than beautiful, large tiles being dissected to make falls to the centre of your shower space!

Furthermore, the stainless steel aspects of the grate make for a mirrored reflection that repeat the colours and style of your new bathroom. These drains are not only visually pleasing in the shower – it adds a modern touch to your entire bathroom and acts efficiently in clearing water from these spaces.
No matter what size your shower is, there are suitable linear drains available. The modular structure allows for easy measuring and installation in any shower. As for material – stainless steel is the best option for any shower grate. Its aesthetics, durability and performance capabilities set it apart from other materials.

We can also custom manufacture to suit your design, provide off the shelf sizes, or easy to assemble kits to suit your site.


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