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The treatment and disposal of household waste water is carried out by one of two ways; either through the public sewer system or with the aid of a septic tank installed underground on your premises.

Waste water typically comes in two forms:

  • Grey water − Includes water from the shower, hand basin, washing machine and laundry.
  • Black water – Water from the toilet.

Other forms of waste water include dishwasher and water from the kitchen tap; both of which would typically be classed as blackwater due to the potential presence of oils and greases that need to be kept separate from grey water. Civil and General Distributors provide Halgan Septic treatment solutions as a user-friendly, sustainable septic treatment system for your property.

Halgan septic tanks are designed to accommodate different sized properties. These septic treatment options offer numerous features, including:

  • Easy to clean – Essential for your septic tank to keep performing at its best for years
  • Durability – Won’t corrode, creak or rust in unfavourable conditions
  • Easily transportable
  • Compactness
  • Environmentally friendly

Even when buried underground, these roto-moulded one piece septic treatment tanks will not corrode, creak or rust, ensuring they’ll keep working at their best.


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