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Our polymer concrete MEA products provide our customers with drainage solutions for all applications including infrastructure & traffic, environment & agriculture, garden & landscaping and urban architecture.

Our MEA drain products are all specified to Australian Standards AS3996 and come in a variety of widths, depths, lengths and load ratings with grates and assorted accessories to suit.

MEA polymer concrete is remarkable for its outstanding physical and chemical properties. This makes it an extremely reliable and versatile material even in the toughest conditions. The material – natural mineral products like quartz, basalt and granite, bonded together with a resinous mixture – is particularly robust and has an extremely high flexural tensile strength and compressive strength.

  • The “C” channel system has a Cast Iron edge rail for strength and longevity. It is for heavy duty applications.
  • The “S” channel system has Stainless steel edge rail for hygiene and superior aesthetics. It is for medium duty applications.
  • The “Z” channel system has a Galvanised edge rail for cost effectiveness, longevity and aesthetic value. It is for medium duty applications.

Please consult the MEA catalogue for full specifications.


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