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There is growing interest in infiltration as an alternative or supplement to conventional drainage techniques due to its many environmental and economic benefits. These benefits include reduced peak stormwater flows, reduced downstream flooding, reduced stormwater drainage capital costs, improved groundwater recharge and improved stormwater quality.

In the late 19th Century, one of the most common methods for managing stormwater was on-site gravel infiltration pits. Modern infiltration devices are much more efficient than their traditional counterparts Compared to conventional gravel systems, Ausdrain EnviroModule™2 Infiltration Tank offers 95% void storage that reduces tank sizes by up to two thirds, saving on excavation and spoil removal costs.

Ausdrain EnviroModule™2 Infiltration Tanks have proven to be one of the most efficient and cost-effective solutions to the environmental issues of stormwater management.

The EnviroModule™2 Infiltration Tank is constructed from high strength EnviroModule™s that have been engineered to allow stormwater to be captured and efficiently discharged inside a structural void surrounded in geotextile fabric. Water entering the tank is stored temporarily and naturally dissipates back into the surrounding ground at a rate dependent on soil type.

The high compressive strength of the modules enables tank installations under trafficable areas such as carparks and driveways. When installed in a trafficable area, a pavement consisting of stabilised road base and asphalt or a reinforced concrete slab is required over the surface of the tank according to engineer’s specification.



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