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Perth Bus Port Drainage Project

The Perth City Link Bus Project has been realised with the opening of the $219 million Perth Bus Port on 17 July 2016, an essential step in future-proofing the city’s public transport network.

The new underground port is the final transport component of the Perth City Link project, which will reconnect the city centre with Northbridge for the first time in more than 100 years.

Able to accommodate more than double the current number of peak bus movements by 2031, the new station will utilise the dynamic bus allocation system – a tracking system that acts much like an airport gates system. The system monitors buses as they approach the station and allocates each bus a stand at which to stop.

MEA sumps with pits and heel guard stainless steel grates and SPS stainless steel floor grates and cleanouts were supplied to the new Perth Bus Port.



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