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Drainage for Breweries in WA

Brewery Businesses Drainage Needs

Western Australians enjoy our Craft Breweries! However breweries have some unique drainage products and systems requirements.


Drainage Products and Systems Requirements – Brewery and Kitchens Areas

There are unique drainage requirements in the brewing and commercial kitchen areas in breweries. This necessitates the installation of specialised drainage products and systems.

  • Large quantities of fluids need to be removed intermittently. The linear drains supplied should be wider than normal to accommodate these additional volumes;
  • Wastewater from breweries has a higher level of acid, sugar and other corrosive materials than normal. They also contain high temperature fluids. The materials used to fabricate the drainage systems of this wastewater need to be highly durable; and
  • Food and beverage industries require a high level of hygiene.

The most effective material for the drainage systems in the brewing and commercial kitchen areas of breweries is marine grade (316) stainless steel.

  • Technical analysis and reports identifies that marine grade (316) stainless steel is resistant to acidic corrosion environments;
  • Stainless steel offers strong resistance to weak bases in both high concentrations and to high-temperature environments;
  • Electro-polishing stainless steel provides a positive impact to stainless steel in highly acidic areas. It also reduces the possibility of “tea staining” ensuring the long lasting appearance of the stainless steel drains; and
  • An electro-polished surface also repairs surface finish which makes the material easier to clean in kitchen areas.

In these areas Civil and General Distributors have successfully supplied:

  • Ultimate custom stainless steel channel and grates,
  • Click Drain drainage systems being 316 grade stainless steel channels and Heelguard Wedgewire grates,
  • SPS spot drains, cleanouts, grates, stainless steel bucket traps and baskets, and
  • Halgan Grease traps, Cooling pits and Silt traps.


Drainage Product Requirements Loading Dock Area

There is a high level of heavy traffic frequenting the loading areas of the breweries. The drainage system in this area therefore needs to be robust. Civil and General Distributors have successfully supplied MEA ductile iron grates and polymer concrete channels because they;

  • Have an extremely high flexural tensile strength and compressive strength, and
  • Are particularly resistant to liquid chemicals.


WA Breweries and Civil and General Distributors

Civil and General Distributors are pleased to have supplied these specialised high quality drainage products and pre-treatment devices to a number of brewery projects in Western Australia:

  • Bailey Brewery Co Swan Valley – Galvins and Accord Plumbing worked with us and Bailey Brewing Co to ensure this family friendly venue works successfully and looks great.
  • Shelter Brewery Busselton – Together with Craneford Plumbing we supplied Shelter Brewery the most appropriate drainage system and products.
  • Running With Thieves Brewery – Reece Civil and MI Plumbers have worked with us to provide drainage systems to meet their requirements.
  • The Seasonal Brewery Co – A successful brewery business operating in Maylands. Civil and General Distributors worked with Scozzie Plumbing on the drainage requirements for this Brewery.
Bailey Brewing Co
Bailey Brewing Co


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