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Storm Water Storage and Management

As a result of global and national environmental issues there is a growing need to be mindful of the conservation and sustainability of our water resources. In Western Australia this has always been in an issue, due to the strong polarisation of seasons and unpredictable rainfall.

Our brand of choice for storm water storage and management is Ausdrain. Ausdrain manufactures a range of modular drainage, leach drain and water tank systems that are perfect for Western Australian properties.

Stormwater can be reused through soak well and infiltration systems, as well as for water detention by forming tanks. The main advantages of using modular systems like Ausdrain lies in the enormous flexibility of size and shape whilst still being easy and quick to install.

Made from recycled materials, Ausdrain modules have unique benefits and features. These modular rainwater tanks are efficient, flexible in application, easy to install and represent significant cost savings in installation over many other types of systems. The modules are also quick and easy to assemble and come in two configurations: standard duty and extra duty – depending on the application and traffic. With the correct design parameters, the Ausdrain EnviroModules are ideal for applications in soakage, retention, water storage and re-use, as well as leach drains.

An Ausdrain tank is recommended for car and light commercial vehicle traffic but can be designed for heavy vehicle traffic in certain situations. When installed in a trafficable area, a pavement consisting of stabilised road base and asphalt or a reinforced concrete slab is required over the surface of the tank according to engineer’s specification.

Ausdrain Modules have unique benefits and features including:
• Lightweight,
• 30% stronger than most competitors,
• Quick and easy to assemble,
• Made in Australia, and
• Made from recycled materials

The modules are available in three configurations:
• Standard Duty (3 braces),
• Extra Duty (4 braces),
• Heavy Duty (5 braces),


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