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Point & Spot Drains and Puddle Flanges

Floor Point and Spot drainage systems for commercial or residential properties

At Civil and General Distributors, we provide floor drains of the best quality. Whatever size, style or material you require, we’ve got a drain that will suit your specifications.
Drainage systems are essential in any home or commercial project – every shower, bathroom, balcony, commercial kitchen and outdoor area needs to be fitted with a suitable drain. Civil and General supply tile insert drains of any size for your home, as well as drain systems in stainless steel and PVC. If you’re in the design stage or even in the building stages of a home, apartment block, office or commercial development, call us to discuss what kind of drainage solution would best suit.
Rely on Civil and General Distributors for custom manufacturing, measuring and quotes, as well as new product sourcing for any type of drain and grate you may need.


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Mon-Fri 8:00am - 4:00pm


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