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Train Stations

Train Stations Drainage Solutions

Perth is undergoing an extensive expansion of its rail network with 27 new train stations being constructed.

Working closely with consultants, engineers, builders and plumbers on the requirements, Civil and General Distributors provide efficient, cost effective and innovative drainage solutions for these new train stations and their surrounds.

Drainage Systems

Train Stations require a variety of drainage solutions, some of which are quite unique.  Civil and General Distributors provide the following superior quality products:

  • Stormtech 316 grade stainless steel channels and grates for public amenity areas.
  • Stormtech zero threshold channels and grates to accommodate easy wheelchair access to lifts and waiting rooms allowing for a seamless transition.
  • MEA polymer concrete and GRP channels or Click Drain stainless steel channels each with stainless steel slip resistant grates for large scale platform drainage.
  • SPS stainless steel point drains in various sizes from 150mm up to 300mm with the added safety of Heel Safe grates. You would find these in areas such as the platform and podium areas around the train stations.

The areas surrounding train stations including car parks and embankments also require drainage solutions.  Civil and General Distributors provides both MEA polymer concrete and GRP channels with ductile iron or galvanised steel grates for these applications.

Non-Conductive Requirement

A recent, unique requirement has been for drainage solutions for the embankments near the rail systems to be fully non-conductive to electricity.  Civil and General Distributors has worked closely with MEA to design a brand new polymer concrete channel (without a metal edge rail) and a new GRP plastic heelguard slip resistant grate with a new plastic locking system.  This new channel, grate and locking system brilliantly satisfies the non-conductive requirement in a cost-effective manner.  It will be a game changing innovation to the drainage offerings for train stations and other applications such as solar farms, power stations, etc.

Other Products

Not only does Civil and General supply effective and efficient drainage systems for train stations we also supply Grease Traps and Recessed Tap Boxes of the highest quality.

Our Halgan modular grease traps are available in a range of sizes up to a maximum of 10,000 litres for below ground and 6,000 litres for above ground. Manufactured from Polyethylene they are lightweight, easy to install and easy to maintain.

Recessed Tap Boxes are unfortunately a necessary feature of our society today. Security and protection are required for outside accessible taps. Civil and General Distributors supply lockable, made-to-measure tap boxes that securely recessed into a wall. We can also provide freestanding secured tap bollards for open public areas.


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