Schools & Universities

Schools have a unique requirement for stormwater drainage and catchment.  Playgrounds, car-parks and large roof areas have to deal with large volumes of rain water often in a short space of time.

Civil and General Distributors have previously supplied and continue to offer a range of products that are exactly what a school needs to meet its stormwater drainage and catchment requirements including:

  1. Ausdrain EnviroModules for infiltration systems as well as forming tanks for water reuse. The main advantages of using modular systems is in the flexibility of size and shape, as well as the reduced time and cost for installation.
  2. Surface Drainage Systems – whether it’s long runs of drainage channel and grates or stainless steel grating across a doorway, we have the ideal solution, in sizes, capacity and aesthetic finishes. Strong, modular, variety of sizes, easy to install, variety of grates, cast iron, galvanized, stainless steel.
  3. Pre-Treatment Devices – grease traps are required for on-site school canteens and cafes as are silt and plaster traps are required for science and art departments to treat contaminated waste water and grease.
  4. Paving & Decking Pedestals – for suspended floors, pedestals create a void between the waterproof sheath and the floor that accommodates and conceals services and also offers easy and cost-effective access for maintenance when required.