Reactive Soils

Reactive Soils

Civil and General Distributors provide a range of high-quality products to homeowners, commercial property owners and industrial site operators. One of the latest products introduced to the market are swivel and expansion joints.

The purpose of these movable fittings is to lessen the impact of reactive soils. Clay-based type soils, especially in the hills and around waterways, react to weather, by enlarging when wet and shrinking when dry. The problem with movable soil is that it doesn’t provide a stable foundation during the building process when plumbing and piping systems need to be installed.

When laying pipes in and around reactive soils, the pipes and joints need to accommodate the constant movement of the ground. If this is not taken into account, you could experience damaged stormwater and sewerage drains, impaired pipes and even cracking in your building walls.

With swivel and expansion joints from Storm Plastics, these problems will disappear. These products are manufactured specifically to combat the effects of reactive soils. There are a variety of benefits of swivel and expansion joints:

  • These fittings have the unique ability to rotate up to a 30 degree angle.
  • Expansion extension joints allow up to 500mm of movement depending on the size of the joint.
  • The joints are wrapped in a water proof casing, which contains copper sulphate to avoid root damage.

Swivel and expansion joints are easy to install and are affordable.