Odour Control

Odour Control
Odour Control

Civil and General Distributors distribute the Grate Seal which is a specially designed, one-way rubber valve that fits straight into an existing waste outlet. Once the valve is fitted, it will prevent hazardous sewer gasses, airborne bacteria, soap suds, vermin and noise from making their way out of the drainage system and into habitable areas.

The one-way valve does not restrict flow through the drainage system – the flow rates achieved by the Grate Seal can easily cope with the maximum allowable flows from plumbing fixtures.

Grate Seal can be used with most common sizes of waste pipes and outlets.

Some typical applications for the Grate Seal are:

• Floor wastes
• Shower wastes
• Laundry floor wastes
• Plant room floor wastes
• Urinals
• High-rise buildings
• Domestic, Commercial & Industrial applications.