Linear Drains For Bathrooms

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Coloured Grates

Linear drains offer many benefits. They are strong, easy to install and come in modular form, kit form or made to length. These drains are available as either a grate or as a tile insert.

Linear drains can be installed in a variety of styles in any part of the shower – they can be made a feature near the door or can blend in with the tiles on a wall. 

Unique in their efficiency and versatility, linear drains are ideal for new construction as well as retrofitting during renovations. Suitable for commercial and residential applications, our range offers the latest in modern architectural designs with the flexibility to provide custom solutions with an array of widths, styles, depths and lengths. 

No matter what size your shower is, there are suitable linear drains available. The modular structure allows for easy measuring and installation in any shower. As for material – stainless steel is the best option for any shower grate. Its aesthetics, durability and performance capabilities sets it apart from other materials.

Civil and General Distributors is also able to offer coloured grates that have a stainless steel base that are then powder coated or electroplated. Colours available include black, white, brass and copper and can even be colour matched to other bathroom accessories.