Point & Spot Drains For Bathrooms

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CBSLC Ultimate Point Drain
Wett SQ TILE INSERT toilet

Drainage systems are essential in any home or commercial project. We supply spot floor drains of any size required for residential or commercial use with an array of materials to select from.

Designer stainless steel tile insert floor drains have been developed to complement the linear channel drain system, or can be used instead of traditional floor wastes. Rather than making a feature of the drainage point, the tile insert spot drain is almost invisible, yet has the same intake capacity as a traditional 100mm floor waste. The 5mm wide perimeter intake slot allows the designer to specify a floor finish to complement the bathroom design. It can be used with Ceramic, Natural Stone, Glass, or Vitrified tiles.

No matter what size your shower is, there are suitable linear drains available. The modular structure allows for easy measuring and installation in any shower. As for material – stainless steel is the best option for any shower grate. Its aesthetics, durability and performance capabilities sets it apart from other materials.

Floor drains can also be installed in an en-suite as the floor drain next to the free standing bath tub.