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Ausdrain Flushmax™-Systems

AUSDRAIN Flushmax™ Systems

1:13 pm |
The AUSDRAIN Flushmax™ system is an innovative inspection, cleaning and maintenance system designed to provide permanent access to EnviroModule2 modular tanks.
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Halgan 'Newly Approved' 3000 to 6000 Litre Grease Traps

Halgan ‘Newly Approved’ 3000 to 6000 Litre Grease Traps

10:53 am |
Civil and General Distributors are pleased to confirm the approval of 3,000 to 6,000 litre Halgan modular grease traps by the Water Corporation for use in Perth and other jurisdictions attaching to the Water Corporation's sewerage system.
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Stormtech AR Series


9:44 am |
Civil and General Distributors are proud to re-introduce the latest in Stormtech innovation, the AR Series.
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Sliding Door Still Tracks

Door Sill Tracks

10:17 am |
The builder for a new home in City Beach recently specified a zero threshold grate system to help prevent water ingress from the balcony but maintain levels from the inside to outside living spaces.
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Commonwealth Law Court Refurbishment

Commonwealth Law Court Refurbishment

10:40 am |
The Commonwealth Law Courts in Perth recently underwent extensive external refurbishment. Part of the refurbishment was to improve the paved areas.
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