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600mm wide pool cover grates Ultimate

Ultimate Custom Drains

6:16 pm |
Typically used for shower drains, we can custom manufacture for whatever your project requires.
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Set Width 500 wonder cap kit 100mm

The Wondercap

5:55 pm |
The Wondercap is a revolutionary anti-bacterial puddle flange (or cap) designed specifically to provide total water proofing protection of the drainage system and after the floor waste grate is installed.
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Adjustable Screwjack Pedestals

Adjustable Screwjack Pedestals

7:35 pm |
Buzon Adjustable Screwjack Pedestals are the original and award winning screwjack pedestal. With 29 years experience in the market, Buzon pedestals are a high quality, sustainable solution for floor raising.
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Ausdrain & Civil Distributors

Drainage Cells

5:56 pm |
Perfect for Roof Gardens, Planter Boxes, Podiums, Green Roofs, Paving, Golf Courses & Sports Fields.
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Customised Commercial Drainage

Stainless Steel Grating

5:41 pm |
Ultimate Stainless provide superior stainless steel grating solutions across a variety of applications, from large aquatic commercial designs, to residential plumbing and wet area architectural requirements.
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