AUSDRAIN Flushmax™ Systems

The latest

The AUSDRAIN Flushmax™ system is an innovative inspection, cleaning and maintenance system designed to provide permanent access to EnviroModule2 modular tanks.

Offering a cost-effective and practical solution to facilitate long-term maintenance of AUSDRAIN tanks, the Flushmax system provides a pre-assembled module that creates single or multiple rows of perforated filtration pipes that run throughout the length of the tank.

Why Flushmax™ systems?

Paired with innovative technology, the Flushmax system is the solution for durable stormwater conservation providing a cost-effective and practical long-term application. Following the initial install of the EnviroModule2 tanks, the Flushmax system allows permanent accessibility for maintenance and technical services to be carried out with ease. Flushmax provides increased efficiency in respect to time management, labour costs, overheads and the added reassurance that the periodic services can be completed promptly and diligently.

How it works

Stormwater entering the inlet pit will first be filtered by a GPT or maxi mesh screen bolted over the inlet to the Flushmax row. In the event that solids enter the Flushmax row, secondary filtration will occur as the first flush carries these solids into the outlet pit where they can be simply removed. Any solids that remain within the Flushmax row will settle on the base where they can be flushed out by a high pressure hose at maintenance intervals.

Technical Data

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