Aged Caring

As a WA family owned business ourselves Civil and General Distributors are proud to support Aegis Aged Care, another WA family owned business, by joining with plumbers Wilcox and Co to supply Ausdrain Enviromodule 2 to the new Aegis Shorehaven Aged Care facility.  Opening in late 2020, this new facility will provide 134 spacious and beautifully appointed rooms for high and low care clientele.

The Ausdrain module water infiltration and storage system has been designed and developed to fit with the principles and best management practices for Water Sensitive Urban Design. Conservation and re-use of stormwater is making an important contribution to the challenges facing mankind over the coming decades.  Civil and General Distributors supports Ausdrain as they look for ways to improve the methods of stormwater conservation to assist in creating a more sustainable future for all of us.