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MEA Polymer Concrete Durability

Dec 9, 2021

The durability of MEA polymer concrete channels was one of the deciding factors in installing:

  • the AZ3000 Polymer Concrete 300mm channel with galvanised Class D Heel Guard grates across the driveway at Nations Church in Myaree,
  • the AZ2000 Polymer Concrete 200mm channel with Class D ductile iron clipfix grates around the outside of a factory also in Myaree, and
  • the C1000 Polymer Concrete 100mm channel with Class E ductile iron heel guard boltdown grates at Puma in Munster.

The “Z” channel system has a Galvanised edge rail for cost effectiveness, longevity and aesthetic value. It is for medium duty applications.

The “C” channel system has a Cast Iron edge rail for strength and longevity. It is for heavy duty applications.

myaree factory MEA AZ2000 polymer concrete
nations Church Myaree MEA driveway
Puma Munster MEA C1000


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