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Five Star Westin Hotel Open for Business

Aug 9, 2018

Westin Hotel – Inclusion of Architectural Plumbing

The Five-Star Westin Hotel Perth opened its doors for guests in late April 2018. This Starwood Hotels Group development is located on WA’s former firefighting headquarters on Hay Street, boasting a stylish 368-room hotel and a distinctive addition to Perth’s skyline.

Civil and General Distributors supplied the following products to and worked closely with RP Leisk Plumbers on the Westin Hotel project:

  1. SPS floor drains and cleanouts in 130mm and 150mm sizes.
  2. SPS planter box Truflo drains and grates.
  3. SPS vinyl floor drains and grates.
  4. Polymer concrete channel with stainless steel edge and stainless steel Class A slip resistant heelguard grates.
  5. Polymer concrete channel with galvanised steel edge and ductile iron heelguard grates.
  6. Click Drain stainless steel channel and Class A heelguard grates.
  7. Modular stainless steel channel and class A stainless steel grates.


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