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EnviroModule Rainwater Harvesting Tanks

May 29, 2016

“Water is one of our most precious natural resources, an asset to be conserved and re-used wherever possible”. – Ausdrain™

Ausdrain Enviromodule2 Rainwater Harvesting Tanks are specifically designed and engineered with compressive strength and durability in mind. Suitable for installation underground (i.e. Driveways, Carparks and Sports Fields) Ausdrain Rainwater Harvesting Tanks provide a cost-effective and flexible solution to underground water storage and reticulation requirements.

Designed to accommodate for the commercial and residential markets, Ausdrain tanks are developed to align with the best principles for Water Sensitive Urban Design, to not only maximise the volume of stored and reticulated storm water (when external above-ground space is limited), but also addresses the bigger issue of water conservation and future sustainability.

Rainwater harvesting tank ausadrain enviromodule2

Ausdrain EnviroModule2 Rainwater Harvesting

As the Ausdrain Enviromodules are flat-packed, modular components that simply connect together to construct the harvesting tanks, installation requirements are more effectively managed to suit landscape limitations and desired harvesting tank size and dimensions. This flexibility of the enviromodules offers enormous scope to both maximise the amount of water able to be stored and a suitably designed tank that best utilizes limited space catering for each individual project.

Ausdrain Rainwater Tanks are suitable for light commercial trafficable areas, although (with approval from a certified engineer and Ausdrain) Ausdrain can cater for heavy vehicle traffic, accommodating for both residential to large civil rainwater harvesting developments.

​​Technical Data: EnviroModule2

  • Length: 600mm
  • Width: 400mm
  • Height: 450mm
  • Weight: 4-5kgs
  • Void Area: 95%
  • Storage Volume: 105Ltrs
  • Unrestrictive Flow Rate: 3510 L/Min
  • Compressive Strength:
  • Standard Duty Module- 3 Braces: 27.5 Tonnes/m2
  • Extra Duty Module- 4 Braces: 37.5 Tonnes/m2
technical-data ausdrain module
EnviroModule Rainwater Harvesting Tank & Components

Project: The Scotch College, Melbourne

Back in October 2009, a 3.0 million litre Ausdrain EnviroModule2 rainwater harvesting tank was installed under the football oval at The Scotch College in Melbourne. The tank measures 26m x 90m x 1.35m and collects runoff from approximatly 3 hectares including both overland and roof areas. Stormwater is collected via 450mm and 300mm diameter pipes that divert water to the tank. A P2009 CDS Litter trap treats the water at 100 litres per second prior to entering the tank. The tank was excavated to a depth of 2.25m and approximatly 10,000m3 of loose dirt was excavated with 75% of this disposed off site. The sides and ends of the tank were backfilled with 200mm of cement stabilised with 6% sand slurry forming a protective barrier between the tank and existing clay wall. The backfill consisted of 300mm of crushed rock, followed by 400mm of clay and 150mm of topsoil.

A 25 litre/second suction pump was also installed with an 80mm outlet transferring water to an underground sprinkler system. This water is then used to irrigate 2 sports ovals each requiring 80,000 litres per watering. Total installation time was 12 weeks, minimising disruption to school operations.

Scotch College melbourne Ausdrain enviromodule 2 rainwater harvesting tank


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