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Buzon Adjustable Screwjack Pedestals

Mar 13, 2016

Buzon Adjustable Screwjack Pedestals are the original and award winning screwjack pedestal. With 29 years experience in the market, Buzon pedestals are a high quality, sustainable solution for floor raising.

Applicable with all types of timbers and composite decking, pavers and steel grating- Buzon Adjustable Screwjack Pedestals create a void between the waterproof membrane and the ground, effectively ‘raising’ the floor to accommodate for drainage and service concealment solutions (i.e. plumbing, electrical, etc.).

Fully adjustable and compliant for heights from 17mm- 1070mm, Buzon Screwjack Pedestals accommodates for numerous applications including; balconies, podiums, rooftops, terraces and water features.

Designed, manufactured and tested in Belgium, the Buzon Pedestal is capable of supporting a weight load of up to 1,000kgs and incorporates a patented ‘slope-correcting’ device, compensating for a substrate fall of 0-5% (0-5cm/m) to produce a perfectly level floor.

Interchangeable spacer tabs permits for 2, 3, 4.5, 6, 8 and 10mm gaps between pavers, allowing for sufficient drainage and ventilation – making uneven paving lines a thing of the past!


  • Designed & Manufactured in Belgium
  • Made from 5mm thick, 80% recycled polypropylene
  • 2, 3, 4.5, 6, 8 & 10mm Paver Spacer Tabs
  • Adjustable heights from 17mm to 1070mm
  • UV stable & chemical resistant
  • Provision for mechanical fixing (if required)
  • Inbuilt safety locking mechanism
  • Millimetric adjustment
  • Suitable for all types of Timber and Composite Decking
  • Suitable for all types of Pavers, Stone and Steel Grating


  • Provides a sustainable solution
  • Easy access to waterproofing membrane
  • Allows for positive drainage & air ventilation
  • Reduces sound transmission & increases temperature insulation
  • Allows for concealed services (i.e. plumbing, electrical etc.)
  • Compensates for 0-5% fall
  • Will support up to 1,000kg to a height of 1070mm
  • Quick and easy to install
  • Reduces weight loading by eliminating sand & cement mortar beds

Buzon Screwjack Pedestals: Components

Buzon Adjustable screwjack pedestal Components



Buzon Adjustable screwjacks Applications

Project Overview: Marina Bay Sands- Roof Garden & Swimming Pool


Buzon pedestals Maina Bay sands resort singapore

Back in 2010, Buzon supplied the 50- acre Marina Bay Sands Resort in Singapore with 100,000 pedestals used throughout the entirety of the hotel complex. With majority of the Buzon pedestals being installed in the 200 metre high roof terrace, with gardens and a 150 metre luxury infinity swimming pool, the Marina Bay Sands project was the industry breakthrough for Buzon Pedestals. The roof terrace consisted of decks made from wooden boards installed on 80,000 Buzon pedestal, making it the largest (and tallest) public ‘hanging garden’ with the capability to accommodate up to 4,000 people with numerous recreational activities. Since the opening of the Marina Bay Sands Resort, Buzon have further expanded and developed their adjustable screwjack pedestals to accommodate for a larger range of applications, specifications and to meet the bigger and bolder requirements of modern architectural designs.



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